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PC to Phone Service

SkypeOut - Make Free Calls via your PC.

As the name implies, PC to Phone service allows the caller to make low cost calls or even free calls from their PC.  These plans can be set up through various on line service providers (we have provided a link to one the largest below).  A consumer simply opens an account and downloads a program onto their PC that allows them to make calls using a headset from their PC.  This may be a good option for someone who travels with a laptop computer or other special situations. However, PC to Phone service is likely not the best option for most people.  The service has some significant limitations.  For example, it can normally only be used to make calls but not receive them.  This may be good for someone who only wants to make low cost calls to, for example, their family or friends living overseas but most people also want to receive calls with their phone service.  For this reason VOIP is likely a better alternative for most users since it is like conventional phone service where calls can be made to and received from any phone worldwide.   Also, free calls over PC to Phone are typically limited to PC to PC calls which significantly limits the flexibility of the service.  In any case, we have provided the link below to a  PC to Phone service provider in case anyone is interested in more details.

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