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International Callback is a great option for people who reside outside the USA and want to get low USA rates and high quality connections when making international calls.  The following is a description of how these plans work:

  • An account is set up with an International Callback Service Provider. 
  • A callback phone number is registered in the account.  This can typically be instantly changed on line at any time.
  • The caller makes a call from the registered phone to a special "callback" number in the USA.  The caller lets the phone ring once then hangs up.
  • The computer recognizes the caller and calls them back at their registered phone number that can be in any country.
  • The caller answers the phone and is connected to the callback system and can make low cost international calls to any phone in the world.  The call quality is good since the calls are routed through a USA service provider.  

Callback service is normally prepaid but most high quality callback service providers will open an account with a small deposit.  They will also close an account and refund any unused funds at any time.  Deposits can be made by credit card or other means like international bank transfer or Western Union. It can take a few days to set-up an International Callback account so International Calling Cards are typically a more convenient option if a quick call needs to be made or for occasional use.

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