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Compare Dial Around - Tel3Advantage and Continental

Dial around long distance is a very good way to save money on long distance phone calls.   Some calling card type products offer special features not found with other cheap calling cards. We call these dial around plans or virtual calling plans.  We know of several calling card type products on the market that fall into this category.  Some offer good value for the money and others do not. The following are two popular dial around type products that consumers purchase, rarely return and use over and over again.


Tel3advantage - Perhaps the Most Popular Dial Around

Tel3advantage has been on the market for about three years and has more than 500,000 customers.  Many of their customers purchase it one time and continue to use it over and over for months or even years.  Consumers like this virtual calling card because it offers quality, value and flexibility.  Tel3Advantage also has the following, relatively unique special features.

  • It has good rates to almost any country in the world.
  • It has PIN-less dialing.  Customers can register up to 10 phones to one account and do not need to dial a PIN or account number when making a call with a registered phone.
  • It has on-line account management and call history in real time.  Customers can check the cost and details for every call made from their account.
  • It offers automatic or manual recharge so the account will never run out of money during a call.
  • Customers can add up to 100 speed dial numbers.  They only need to dial two digits to make an international call.
  • It has one of the largest networks of local access numbers.  Their access numbers are almost never busy or out of service. Toll free access costs 1 cent per minute more.
  • It offers customer service 24/7
  • It has no added fees, taxes, contract or obligation.  Customers just pay the per minute rate for the calls they make and can stop using Tel3Advantage at any time.
  • Ease on-line sign-up and instant account activation.

Tel3Advantage is only available in the USA at the moment.  It is one of the highest rated products of its kind on the market today.



Continental Calling Card - A Virtual Dail Around Plan

The continental calling card is another high quality dial around type product that is full of features and is very versatile. It can be used to make calls from about 60 countries like a calling card and from any country using a special callback feature called Web Call.  It also has the following special features not typically found with cheap phone cards.

  • Speed Dial so customers only need to dial a couple of digits when making phone calls.

  • PIN-less Dialing where customers can register up to 4 phones to one account and do not need to dial a PIN or account number when making a call from one of their registered phones.

  • No maintenance fee, contract or obligation.

  • Refillable so the same account can be used on a continuous basis.

  • On-line call history so a customer can view the details of every call make on their account.

  • Ease to order on-line from nearly any country with a Major Credit Card or Pay Pal.

  • Instant Activation.

  • A large network of local access numbers.  Toll free access is only 0.2 cents per minute extra.

  • The highest quality (Tier 1) connections.

  • Can also be used as a Callback Calling Card from nearly any phone in the world.

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Make Low Cost International Calls from the USA with Tel3Advantage.